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What to do in Lucca with a car?

If you are road travel and decided to pass by Lucca with a car, then this article is for you. To move in Touscany in general it is not an easy task by public transportation and certainly with a car you can enjoy many small towns and villas. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to do in Lucca and its surrounding areas, all easily accessible with your own wheels:

Around Lucca (max 1,5 hours drive):

  1. Villa Reale di Marlia: Take a short drive from the city center to Villa Reale di Marlia, a stunning historic estate with beautifully landscaped gardens, ornate fountains, and elegant architecture. Explore the lush greenery, stroll through the manicured grounds, and admire the opulent interiors of the villa.

  2. Barga: Take a scenic drive to the picturesque hilltop town of Barga, nestled in the serene Serchio Valley. Park your car and wander through its well-preserved medieval streets, visit the stunning Duomo di San Cristoforo, and soak in the breathtaking views of the Apuan Alps.

  3. Garfagnana: Embark on a road trip through the rugged beauty of Garfagnana, a mountainous region dotted with charming villages and lush forests. With your car as your guide, explore hidden gems, embark on scenic hikes, and discover the natural wonders of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines.

  4. Pisa: Just a short drive away from Lucca lies the iconic city of Pisa, home to the world-famous Leaning Tower, Cathedral, and Baptistery in the magnificent Piazza dei Miracoli. Park your car and explore the historic center, stroll along the banks of the Arno River, and marvel at the architectural wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  5. Montecatini Terme: Montecatini means relaxation. Here therare many of Italy's most renowned spas. immerse in some rejuvenating thermal baths, stroll through scenic parks like Parco delle Terme. Then when you are ready to go start your journey again, enjoy a leisurely funicular ride to Montecatini Alto for breathtaking views. Also some Spritz will be waiting for you on the top.

  6. Collodi: illage known for being the birthplace of Pinocchio. Dirve until the charming hilltop. Go and visit the amazing Pinocchio Park, wander through the historic center, and visit Villa Garzoni with its magnificent gardens and puppet museum. Though it has not being very well maintain over the years. We still consider Collodi as a worth visiting destination.

  7. Viareggio: Head to the coastal town of Viareggio for a taste of the Italian Riviera. In Viareggio you have plenty of "Bagnos" where you can rent a tent, a seat or even have private swining pool. Many of the also have restaurant servicies and areas for the kidsto relax. The water is nothing specatular but it is good enough to let you enjoy some beach holidays. Our favorites are: "Bagno Duilio", "Bagno NIDO" and "Bagno Venezia".

  8. San Gimignano: While a bit farther away, San Gimignano is well worth the drive from Lucca. Park your car and explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its medieval towers, well-preserved architecture, and panoramic views of the Tuscan countryside. If you are driving directly from Lucca, we will very much recommend you to pass on the way back to San Miniato.

  9. San Miniato: A charming medieval town perched atop a hill overlooking the Arno Valley. Park your car and wander through its ancient streets, visit the imposing Frederick II Fortress, and savor the flavors of Tuscan cuisine at local trattorias.

  10. Livorno: Last but no tleast the port city of Livorno is excellent for a taste of maritime history and delicious seafood. Wander through the historic quarter, visit landmarks like the Fortezza Vecchia and the Terrazza Mascagni, and savor fresh seafood dishes at local trattorias along the waterfront.

With the freedom of your own car, you can easily navigate Lucca and its surrounding areas, immersing yourself in the rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture of this enchanting region. So hit the road, embrace the adventure, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Tuscany!

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