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Luxury hotels in Versilia

Title: Top 5 Best Hotels in Versilia for an Unforgettable Tuscan Holiday

Discover the charm of Tuscany's coastal retreat with our curated guide to the best hotels in Versilia. This luxurious region, known for its pristine sandy beaches, vibrant cultural scene, and upscale nightlife, offers a range of top-tier accommodations suited for every type of traveler. From historic grandeur to modern luxury, each of these hotels ensures a memorable stay in Versilia.

1. Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, Viareggio A pinnacle of luxury, the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio is perfect for travelers seeking an opulent experience. Located on the famed promenade, this historic hotel combines traditional elegance with modern comforts across its themed rooms. Notable features include a two Michelin-starred restaurant, Il Piccolo Principe, a wellness center, and a heated rooftop pool that offers stunning sea views all year round. This hotel epitomizes the luxury hotel experience in Versilia.

Address: Piazza Puccini, 1, 55049 Viareggio LU, Italy.

2. Hotel Byron, Forte dei Marmi The Hotel Byron sits in the heart of Forte dei Marmi, offering an intimate boutique experience. Housed in a beautifully restored villa, it provides a luxurious and discreet service with only 29 rooms and suites, each echoing the comfort of a private residence. The hotel's restaurant, La Magnolia, serves innovative Tuscan dishes, making it a favorite among food enthusiasts.

Address: Viale Morin, 46, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italy.

3. UNA Hotel Versilia, Lido di Camaiore For those who favor contemporary aesthetics, UNA Hotel Versilia is an ideal choice. This standout property on Lido di Camaiore's waterfront features modern design with spacious suites, most boasting large balconies that offer either sea or mountain views. Its facilities include a rooftop bar, a seasonally driven restaurant, a comprehensive wellness center, and expansive sports facilities. Address: Viale Bernardini Già Viale Colombo, 335/337, 55041 Lido di Camaiore LU, Italy.

4. Hotel Villa Undulna, Terme della Versilia Hotel Villa Undulna near the Terme della Versilia combines leisure with wellness. Adjacent to natural thermal springs, guests can enjoy a range of spa treatments and thermal pools. This hotel is particularly popular with those seeking a health-oriented retreat, complemented by a Mediterranean restaurant that focuses on nutritious local cuisine.

Address: Viale Marina, 191, 54038 Cinquale MS, Italy.

5. Hotel Il Negresco, Forte dei Marmi Hotel Il Negresco, located directly on the seafront in Forte dei Marmi, offers a harmonious blend of classical charm and modern amenities. Its rooms, all with private balconies, offer spectacular views and are adorned with a fine art collection. Additional amenities include a rooftop terrace, an outdoor swimming pool, and the acclaimed restaurant La Terrazza.

Address: Lungomare Italico, 82, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italy.

Versilia is a top destination for luxury travelers, and these hotels are the best in the region, each offering unique experiences that cater to luxurious tastes and comfort. Whether you are looking for historic sophistication, boutique exclusivity, or modern luxury, our selection of the best hotels in Versilia will ensure your stay is as enchanting as the picturesque Tuscan coastline itself.

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